I know I promised you more about my gerbils, so I’ll start with my first gerbil, Atilla.

It was 5 days until Christmas when my parents went to see Star Wars 7. While they were there,they bought Tilly. The plan was to leave him at my grandparents’ house until Christmas, but they decided to give him to me early. I was wondering why they saved all the cardboard tubes!

Here’s a funny yet freaky story about my little Tilly: A HUGE spider got loose in his cage one day. I was worried it might hurt Till, but I should have been worried about the spider! Till wolfed it down and proceeded to munch on spider legs for the rest of the day. He ate them like they were pretzel sticks!

I still miss my little Tillzy. (Another nickname) But now I have Pippin. I’ll blog about him Friday.


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