Quilt Block Plastic Canvas

I love plastic canvas, but I used the patterns in my book. I love my quilt block book, but I don’t usually make quilt blocks. The solutions? Turn the quilt block patterns into plastic canvas patterns!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Choose a quilt block pattern you love.

Step 2: Study your chosen pattern. Do you think you can do it? If not, you can try or start back at step one.

Step 3: Decide what size would work best. Would making all of those triangles five squares long be too big? If you’re not sure, try drawing it on graph paper. Hint: The squares on the paper are bigger than on the canvas.

Step 4: Draw your pattern on graph paper using slanted lines. Check online for plastic canvas patterns to see what I mean.

Now you make a square using your pattern! Here are some ideas for what to use them for:

Use as coasters

Stitch into boxes

Sew into a table runner


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