Why I Don’t Make Rolled Cookies

One day, I decided I would love to decorate sugar cookies. But, of course, I’d need cookies to decorate. No problem. I could make rolled cookies. I mean, was I going to ask Mom to drive all the way to the store just to get plain sugar cookies? When I was perfectly capable of making my own? No way. Besides, I had read plenty on the subject, plus, I had successfully tried three drop-cookie recipes. I had this in the bag! That’s what I thought, anyway.

To make cookies, I needed a recipe. After searching cookbooks such as Better Homes and Gardens, and Pillsbury, I found nothing except whole wheat or recipes I didn’t have ingredients for. So Mom went on Pinterest and found one for me. I read through it and found the cookie dough had to chill for a couple hours. That was too long for me. So Mom found a no-chill recipe. That might have been part of the problem, but mostly it was me.

You have to roll the dough in flour so it doesn’t stick. I dumped a ton of it on. I’m pretty sure I used at least a cup. Maybe two. The dough would not stick to itself. It looked like sandNAILED IT!!! (Nailed It is a hilarious cooking show you can watch on Netflix)


Nailed It!!!!!


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