Daily Interests

What are the Daily Interests? A new daily (whenever I can) blog post with ideas, tips, photos, and more! Daily PhotoOur German Shepherd, Jackson, in his kennel relaxing. He actually loves to hang out in there. Daily FactWild gerbils are not as big or heavy as domesticated ones. Daily TipWhen baking, or anything else, double-check … Continue reading Daily Interests

Daffodils’ Real Scent

We got 20 daffodils and put them in a cool purple mason jar. Then we tied a ribbon around the jar. It's really pretty, but... It smells like someone wet the bed. Daffodils do not smell so nice. It's great if you don't smell them! Thought you should know.

Pippin Tea

Adagio is a tea website where you can order various tea blends and amounts of them. You can also create custom blends. You may remember Atilla, my previous gerbil. We created a custom tea blend called Atilla Tea featuring chocolate, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. We recently created Pippin Tea, because Pippin demanded his own blend. … Continue reading Pippin Tea

How to Draw

Do you struggle with drawing? I do. So I'm going to give you a how to draw every day (hopefully) that I found. Today's is from Faith & Lettering Journal by Krystal Whitten. These are simple flourishes that quickly add beauty to a simple planner, calendar, letter, etc.